Project X

Project X

Fear not the clouds that obscure the view, golden eyes like a torch brighten the sky

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High-speed protocol

Original VLESS and XTLS protocols, free from redundant encryption, release CPU power

Free combination

Perfect fallback mechanism, effectively prevent active detection, multi-service sharing ports

Ultra-low occupancy

OpenWRT RaspberryPi and other simplified devices can be used

Powerful routing

Highly customizable routing system to meet various usage requirements and fully exploit network performance

Full compatibility

Fully compatible with v2ray-core configuration files and API calls


Active community discussions and contributions, MPL 2.0 open source license

XTLS? Xray? V2Ray?

XTLS are brilliant ideas for TLS we study, while Xray is the best practice we maintain.

  • Xray-core is a superset of v2ray-core, with better overall performance and enhancements such as XTLS, and it'scompletelycompatible with v2ray-core functionality and configuration.
    • Only one executable file, including ctl functionality, run is the default command
    • Configuration iscompletelycompatible, environment variables and API calls need to be changed to start with XRAY_
    • Exposed raw protocol's ReadV on all platforms
    • Provides complete VLESS & Trojan XTLS support, both with ReadV
    • Provides multiple XTLS flow control modes, unrivaled performance!

"Configuration compatible, overall better"

Who are we?

It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is that we will keep riding and never look back.

Help Xray become stronger

Welcome to help Xray become stronger!



  • Thanks to everyone for their support!
  • Thanks to all kinds of scripts, Docker images, client support... Thanks to all the big guys who helped improve the ecosystem!
  • Thanks to friends who have contributed to the Xray website and documentation.
  • Thanks to friends who have made meaningful suggestions and comments.
  • Thanks to every friend in the Telegram group who helps others.

More about project X

  • If you would like to learn more about project X's history and growth, please click here


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Stargazers over time

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