Development Guide

Compile Documentation

Xray supports multiple platforms, and you can perform cross-compilation on various platforms by yourself.

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Design Concept

Xray kernel provides a platform for secondary development.

This section explains the design goals and architecture of Xray.

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Development Standards

This section outlines the guidelines to follow when obtaining code, developing, submitting PRs, as well as the relevant coding standards.

Please click Development Specification to view the guidelines that should be followed during Xray development.

Protocol Details

Xray uses many protocols, and you can obtain a detailed description of each protocol through various means.

VLESS Protocol

VLESS is a stateless lightweight transport protocol that can serve as a bridge between Xray clients and servers.

VMess Protocol

VMess is an encrypted transport protocol that can act as a bridge between Xray clients and servers.

Mux.Cool Protocol

Mux.Cool protocol is a multiplexing transport protocol used to transmit multiple independent data streams within an established data stream.

mKCP Protocol

mKCP is a stream transmission protocol modified from the KCP protocolopen in new tag that can transmit arbitrary data streams in order.