Quick Start

This chapter will tell you how to get Xray in the easiest way and start using Xray.

Download and Install

Xray supports various platforms, and you can get various versions of Xray from various sources and methods.

Please click How to Download and Install Xray to get Xray

Configure and Run

After downloading and installing Xray, you need to configure it.

Please click How to Configure and Run Xray to learn the easiest way to configure Xray.

Command Parameters

Xray has a variety of commands and parameters available, making it flexible and powerful.

Please click Command Parameters for Xray to view more commands and parameters usages.

Improve Documents

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Beginner Tutorial

A easy tutorial for beginner.

Please click 小小白白话文 to view it.

Getting Started Tips

After you have the basics, you can explore more ways to use them through Getting Started Tips.

Advanced Documentation

Tips for advanced user guidance

Click on Advanced Documentation to view it


Thank you very much for your selfless sharing of usage skills and experience, which makes Xray more and more powerful.