Contribute to Project X's Document

Contributions to Project X's Document are welcome, and we appreciate every Contributor's contribution! You guys make Xray stronger!

Improve Document

Document for Project X is hosted on GitHubopen in new tag.

You can submit your changes to the Document by following these steps:

  1. Open the repository from Project X Documentopen in new tag, click fork in the upper right corner, fork a mirror image of the document repository to your own GitHub repository.

  2. Get a clone of the docs from the repository you cloned using whatever tool you like, like:

git clone
  1. Create a new branch based on the main branch, such as:
git checkout -b your-branch
  1. Make changes on the new branch.

  2. After modification, please use Prettieropen in new tagFormat your changes.

    Note: Pull requests with formatting issues may be rejected.

  3. Submit the changes and push them to your repository

git push -u origin your-branch
  1. Open GitHub, click 'Pull request' to submit a pull request to Project X Documentopen in new tag.

  2. Please outline the new/modified content of this pull request in the title and body of the pull request;

  3. Waiting for a response, if the pull request is merged, your changes will be directly displayed on Project X Document Websiteopen in new tag.

Found Problems?

If you find an error in the document, you can improve the documentation or submit an issue.