Download and Install

Platform Support

  • Xray is available on the following platforms:
    • Windows 7 and later (x86 / amd64 / arm32 / arm64);
    • macOS 10.10 Yosemite and later (amd64 / arm64);
    • Linux 2.6.23 and later (x86 / amd64 / arm / arm64 / mips64 / mips / ppc64 / s390x / riscv64);
      • Including but not limited to Debian 7 / 8, Ubuntu 12.04 / 14.04 and subsequent versions, CentOS 7 / 8, Arch Linux, etc.;
    • FreeBSD (x86 / amd64);
    • OpenBSD (x86 / amd64);
    • Dragonfly BSD (amd64);

Download Xray

Precompiled binaries in ZIP format are available at GitHub Releasesopen in new tag found in.

Download the compressed package of the corresponding platform, and use it after decompression.

Verify the Installation Package

Xray provides two verification methods:

Install on Windows

Install on macOS

Install on Linux

Install Script

Arch Linux

Arch User Repository

Need to use AUR helpersopen in new tag, yayopen in new tag as an example, it can be installed via yay -S xray.

Arch Linux CN

First add Arch Linux CNopen in new tag repository, and then use the root user pacman -S xrayto install.


The Linuxbrew package manager is used in the same way as Homebrew: brew install xray

Debian WIP

Install via Docker

The File Structure of the Docker Image

  • /etc/xray/config.json: configuration file
  • /usr/bin/xray: Xray main program
  • /usr/local/share/xray/geoip.dat: IP data file
  • /usr/local/share/xray/geosite.dat: domain name data file

GUI Client

UUID Generator

Third-party UUID generator uuidgenerator.netopen in new tag