Plain and Simple Language

This chapter is a basic lesson of [Starting from Scratch]. New students, please watch and learn carefully.


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【Chapter 1】 Preface: Rambling - Airport or Self-built? That is the question.

Chapter 2: Preparation of Raw Materials - Tools must be sharpened before they can be used proficiently.

Chapter 3: Remote Login - A bridge connecting the north and south, turning a natural obstacle into a thoroughfare.

【Chapter 4】Security Protection - If you don't pay attention to security, you will shed tears for your loved ones.

[【Chapter 5】Website Construction] - Show Your Beauty (Link to file)

Chapter 6: Certificate Management - Only those who obtain certificates are considered legitimate.

Chapter 7: Xray Server - Finally, waited for you.

Chapter 8: Xray Client - A New Beginning.

[Chapter 9] Appendix - All the exam points are here.